Expanding Beyond Supplements: 5 Steps to Success

You may be at a point with your store when it is time to move beyond supplements and expand to include specialty groceries, health and beauty aids, essential oils and more. This is a big step, and an exciting one. But before you take the plunge, there are important things to keep in mind. 1. Think of your space: If you’re thinking of expanding your store’s lineup, you probably already have the square footage to do it. And you can certainly fit a lot in a smaller space, but be sure that it doesn’t distract from your store layout or make your customers feel claustrophobic. I’ve seen many excellent stores that defy their limitations by offering more than you would think was possible, judging fr

Say Yes to NO—Nitric Oxide

Research on nitric oxide used to be in the realm of obscure scientists. All that changed in 1998 when the Nobel prize for physiology and medicine was awarded to three men who explained how production of this powerful natural compound—a gas called nitric oxide—is used by the body to fight off infection, reduce blood pressure, prevent abnormal blood clots, assure proper neurological function, and even to attain and maintain erections. It plays a role in our memory, sense of smell, and how the muscles in our intestines contract to move food along in the digestive process. Dr. Robert Furchgott, Dr. Louis J. Ignarro, and Dr. Ferid Murad were American pharmacological researchers who did not work t

Supplements & Brain Health: Keeping Neural Connections Running Smoothly

It is typical for people to have some mild memory weakness as they grow older. A temporary lapse in memory is often affectionately referred to as a “Senior Moment.” Common examples include forgetting dates and names or walking into a room and promptly forgetting the reason for entering. However, some individuals experience more frequent and impairing memory loss that goes beyond normal aging; this is referred to as mild cognitive impairment (MCI). However, scientists are discovering that cognitive deterioration need not be an “inevitable” result of aging. In fact, increasing evidence suggests that cognitive decline and even dementia are preventable, and to some extent perhaps even reversible

Maintaining Healthy Blood Sugar

As the number of U.S. diabetics grow and healthy blood sugar levels decline in recent years, marketers and retailers express their views on market items geared toward lowering blood sugar. With more than 9 percent of Americans having diabetes, according to recent studies, there have also been links between high blood sugar and other health conditions such as dementia. While some people can support healthy blood sugar levels with a daily exercise regimen and diet, others need natural cooperation from a good supplement source. Balancing Sugar Ranges Retailer Carrie Young, vitamin manager at It’s Only Natural in Middletown, CT, said she receives the best feedback from customers on Nature’s Way

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